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Petron Plus is the trusted lubricant of thousands of professions world wide. We let real life results do the talking. 




Lubricating & Protecting Nearly Every Component 

Friction is the main enemy against vehicle performance and longevity. Quality lubrication is an essential part of fighting friction. Petron Plus is here to help you do just that, with over 400 products we are certain to have exactly what you need. 

We Treat The Metal Not The Oil

Ever wondered what limits your vehicle's fuel economy, performance and longevity? One word... FRICTION. When an engine is running many components are rubbing against one another. On a microscopic level these components have a rough ridge-like form along the outside surfaces. These ridge-like surfaces resist motion, resulting in an increase of power needed to overcome the frictional forces and the increased power is virtually lost via heat. A great example of this is rubbing the palms of your hands together. Eventually your palms feel hot, this is due to the energy that is being wasted because of friction. Now imagine adding lotion to your hands and repeating the same test. Your palms seem to glide past one another. On a simplified scale, this is what is occurring when oil is being circulated through an engine. However, your engine still heats up and gets very hot so we know there is obvious room for improvement. Petron Plus is designed and proven to further reduce the friction and thereby increase overall efficiency and performance. Watch Petron Plus go head to head against other friction reducers such as Lucas Oil, Dura Lube, Slick 50, STP and zMax below.

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