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Savings with Petron Plus
Just a few of the companies who have used Petron Plus products

Prior to using Petron Plus Formula 7 Diesel Engine Conditioner, I would burn on average 1.1 gallons of fuel per acre. After adding Petron Plus I averaged 0.78 gallons of fuel per acre. -That's an increase of 29% efficiency!
-Bontrager Farm

Gearboxes are running 20F cooler on their over the road trucks with Petron Plus Transmission & Gearbox Supplement added to the gearboxes.
-Joe Brown Co.

Saw increases of 150% to 200% on tool life, resulting in increased production.
-Algonquin Parts

Observed an 8% increase in fuel efficiency upon adding Petron Plus Diesel Engine Conditioner to the engine.
-Campau Valley Trucking

Reported average savings of $6,000 in parts and labor, plus two days of down time on a 600 horsepower crusher after adding Petron Plus Transmission & Gearbox Supplement to the gearboxes.
-Champion Rock Products

Observed savings of over $20,000 per year on bearings after switching to Petron Plus Multi-Purpose Lithium Complex Grease. They also reduced grease consumption in half by switching to Petron Plus.

Using Petron Plus Diesel Engine Conditoner, the wear in their diesel powered vehicles was reduced by 32%. The interval between oil changes on their high-speed ammunition production equipment had been increased by 63% due to adding Petron Plus Transmission & Gearbox Supplement to the gear boxes. They also observed an increase in bearing life by 73% by using Petron Plus Lithium Complex Grease on their high speed production line.
-Olin Defense Systems Group

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