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As of December 1, 2010, all diesel fuel sold in the United States must be Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel. This law was created in order to reduce emissions from diesel engines. However, your engine may be suffering from these restrictions. The most obvious problems with the ULSD fuel is lower BTU's which results in less energy meaning a lack of efficiency and power. Not only this, but it also can lead to deposits within the fuel system and a lower lubricity of the fuel. Petron Plus formulated this diesel fuel conditioner to combat some of the negative effects of ULSD fuel. Great for ULSD fuel as well as BioDiesel and can be used year around.
Key Benefits

  • Cleans deposits near injectors and ring belt area
  • Helps to increase fuel economy
  • Helps to increase power
  • May smooth rough idling
  • Contains cetane improver resulting in improved ignition quality
  • Will treat 500 gallons of fuel

Diesel Fuel Conditioner with Lubricity

SKU: 20150
  • Directions

    Add to diesel fuel tank when tank is nearly empty.  Dispose of empty container properly.  Refuel with proper amount of diesel fuel.  Repeat treatment every 3,000 miles (or at scheduled oil change intervals). 
    One treatment should provide noticeable improvement in the operation of any diesel engine.  Some deposits are more difficult to clean, particularly those on intake calves and combustion chambers.  In these cases a second treatment may be beneficial.  Once this product has been used, engine deposits can be kept to a minimum with regular use. 

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