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Due to increasing government regulations, engines are required to meet rigid standards resulting in highly sensitive components. Deposits anywhere within an engine can lead to a number of unwanted problems such a decrease in fuel economy, lagging power, rough idling as well as other less than desirable issues. Petron Plus developed Fuel Injector & Combustion Chamber Cleaner to combat those exact issues.
Key Benefits

  • Increases fuel economy
  • Restore power
  • Smooth out rough idling
  • Protect against rust and corrosion

Fuel Injector & Combustion Chamber Cleaner

SKU: 20000
  • Directions

    Add entire bottl eto fuel tank. Treats 14-20 gallons of fuel. Use every 2,500 miles or whenever clogged injectors cause hesitation, power loss or fuel economy reduction. A second treatment may be needed for extremely fouled injectors. Will not cure mechnical repair. Persistant problems may require mechanical repair. 

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